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So You Think You Have Skills?

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Figuring out what you know—and what you need to know—is essential in training for a career in the Technology Sector.

When Dave started working with a well known multinational company just after completing his, life seemed like a cakewalk afterward. As his parents used to say, “Get good marks in school, make yourself ready to get top rank in qualifying exams, and get into a top-notch University and life will be all set.”

Just like Dave, Kevin also entered It industry but here is the difference between both of them. Kevin didn’t have a degree in IT when he entered the industry.

Information Technology (IT) is not rocket science. it can be, but you don’t have to have a degree in computer science to enjoy a career in IT.

Dave learned the basics in his University and Kevin did the same while working. The common problem they both faced was the ever-changing technology with time. Dave’s skill set was getting old and so was Kevin’s. Was there any way to upgrade their skill set while still working and not spending too much time studying?

The answer is YES!

Imagine a world where all the training you need is at your fingertips. Learn Skills provides the best technology-based solutions for workplace learning, bringing exceptional on-line training opportunities right to your desktop. On-line training has taken on an important role in developing workplace expertise, and Learn Skills innovative learning solutions are at the heart of developing a talented workforce.

Our growing library of high-quality online training and skills development programs range from essential soft skills training topics to regulatory compliance and industry-specific courses. In addition, our e-learning courseware combined with our hosted Learning Management System offers organizations an affordable and seamless way to deliver workplace training.

Incidents have features that will add significant value to any person’s training initiative. These include allowing learners to develop a portfolio, build a professional CV or Resume, join a Professional Online Learning Network, and ‘continuously learn’ using our comprehensive range of e-learning courseware.

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Coding Issues? We’re here to Help!

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If you have technical aptitude, are driven, and want a career in an in-demand and high-paying field, look no further than software development. Our online software development training modules are designed to build upon your existing technical skillset and take you further with a new specialized body of knowledge with truly endless applications. You’ll learn how to fully utilize different software languages, gain practical experience—especially in the areas of cybersecurity and mobile/handheld devices—and acquire strong programming, systems analysis, interpersonal and business skills. We emphasize hands-on learning over-testing, and use cloud-based virtual laboratories for developing, testing, and deploying multi-tiered applications for the web and mobile devices.

A good training module is one in which people at all levels, individually and collectively, are continual: increasing their competencies, improving the effectiveness of the organization, innovating, and expanding the organization’s capacity to create its future. We believe that creating the right conditions for a person to develop and succeed is the only way to help them achieve their career goals.

Whether you’re looking for something new to learn in software development, or just want to refresh your memory on something that might be a bit rusty, there are plenty of things that you can take advantage of in our classes. InstantServe aims to make learning how to code fun, and they do this by making all of their courses fun in nature. If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall and watch over the shoulder of someone who really knows what they’re doing with HTML5, CSS3, or JavaScript, then InstantServe is for you. Our expert trainers will make you learn all you want with ease. If you’re looking for a/help/shoulder to cry on for nearly any coding issue you might run into, then InstantServe is the right place.

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All your staffing needs to get fulfilled here.

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Whether you’re searching for IT/Non-IT consultants or looking to fill a vacancy of your own, InstantServe can help. We are a highly compliant recruitment company, and we specialize in the nontechnical and technology industries. InstantServe is a consultancy established to supply the increasing demand for high caliber personnel in the construction, driving, industrial, professional engineering, retail, and administration sectors. With 10 years of experience, we have an in-depth understanding of our client’s and candidates’ needs. With a proven track record of providing Top Class recruitment assistance to both Clients and Candidates, we pride ourselves on the services we offer predominantly within Financial Services including Payments, Foreign Exchange, and Merchant Services as well as Retail, Commercial, IT, Accounting, and Media.

Where there is a recruitment need, there is an InstantServe Consultant!

We work with clients to support them with both their technical and non-technical requirements. Our approach is based on always providing excellent customer satisfaction thus ensuring that the candidates of today are clients of tomorrow. We don’t believe in short terms gains, only long term relationships.

Our business focuses on supplying candidates for Engineering, Manufacturing, and Non-Technical positions within the Automotive sector. We have consultants who work these verticals and are constantly networking in those sectors in order to attract active and passive job seekers. At InstantServe we are in the business of increasing productivity through people and have developed an advanced system of tools and expertise for recruiting highly qualified people that are well-suited to a clients particular needs and environment. Established as a leading Recruitment Consulting agency, we pride ourselves on building long-term partnerships with both our clients and candidates ensuring that we deliver the highest quality of service at all times. We work in collaboration with you through the good times and the challenging times, ensuring we get a full understanding of your business or your aspirations. This close partnership makes us best placed in presenting people or opportunities to you that are aligned with your goals and objectives.

We provide permanent recruitment solutions to some of the World’s Top Organizations and consistently take a professional approach ensuring we understand our Clients’ and Candidates’ needs.

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