Medical Billing

We are a leading medical billing services company that delivers a reliable, swift, and reasonable pricing model to ensure that your practice gets the maximum reimbursement possible. We are a team of certified professional billers and coders covering every aspect of RCM billing services with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

  1. Patient Preauthorization- With our RCM billing services, you will get prior authorization from the insurance to perform a procedure and get reimbursement accordingly.
  2. Eligibility & Benefits Verification- Our medical billing experts perform patient eligibility & benefits verification to confirm insurance coverage for complete reimbursements.
  3. Claim Submission – Enable a 99% claim success ratio with InstantServe  clean claim submission process. Our coding and billing experts ensure your claims get paid accurately
  4. Payment Posting – Our experts proactively perform insurance payment posting and patient payments in medical billing software to streamline the practice cash flow.
  5. A/R Follow-Up & Denial Management –We continuously perform follow-ups for effective denial management to keep track of your A/R to improve the collections rate.
  6. Medical Billing Audit – InstantServe  medical billing audit helps you track and improve the claim processing and payment posting to maximize your practice revenue.


Our Medical Coding Services

Our custom medical coding services guarantee prompt reimbursements, error-free claim submissions, and a streamlined workflow so you can focus on delivering excellent patient healthcare.

  1. Telehealth Coding –Our medical coding and auditing cover all the aspects of telehealth and telemedicine coding, and we code and bill every telehealth service you provide.
  2. External Coding Audits –Our medical coding auditor helps medical providers identify the ICD 10 and CPT coding discrepancies and suggest modifications after reviewing coding charts.
  3. Independent Coding Reviews – By maintaining compliance and ensuring your practice gets the maximum reimbursement for services rendered, We tackle the rebuttals you receive from the insurance companies.
  4. Evaluation and Management E/M
  5. Comprehensive E/M coding services for all specialties, focusing on assigning error-free codes to ensure accurate medical decision making (MDM) for your practice.
  6. Customized template
  7. We offer customized templates to healthcare providers to create patients’ progress notes on performed services effectively and timely manner.

Medical Credentialing Services

You are a new provider or want to get re-credentialed with insurance companies. We offer medical credentialing services to alleviate your hassles with the provider enrollment process.

  1. Recredentialing – We periodically review and verify credentialing status to get you re-credentialed on time, so you don’t have to face insurance denials.
  2. Licensing-Our provider enrollment and credentialing services help you get essential certifications, accreditations, and licenses to enroll with insurance successfully.
  3. Enrollment for Electronic Transactions– InstantServe gets you authorized with all the payers that allow you to send EDI, ERA, and EFT transactions without any inconvenience.
  4. IPA Enrollment-Our credentialing consultants ensure to enroll you with insurances through the Integrated Provider Associations (IPA) on close panels.
  5. Contract Renegotiation-We negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf to improve your contracted amount and enhance your practice reimbursement.
  6. Accreditation -InstantServe accreditation services enable your practice to get formal recognition and affiliation to reduce enrollment holds with insurance agencies.

Patient Billing Services

Reduce your administrative costs, keep track of patient balances, and increase patient collections. InstantServe LLC helps avoid patient billing difficulties by keeping medical practices running smoothly.

  1. Patient Statements– We use a secure practice management system to summarize patients’ balances for healthcare providers and generate easy-to-understand patient statements.
  2. Mailing Statements -Our staff uses a HIPAA-Complaint solution to send clinical responsibilities to patients while reducing the administrative burden for your front office.
  3. Patient Payment Posting – We proactively post the patient payment to the medical billing software while keeping track of all patient collections and outstanding balances

Physician Billing Solutions –

  • Tailored to meet your individual challenges and objectives, our Physician Billing Solutions are far from generic. We intricately design them to address your distinct needs, whether it’s enhancing financial performance or simplifying operational workflows. Our aim is to reshape your practice into a beacon of efficiency and profitability.
  • We don’t limit our dedication to mere billing services. With our distinctive Physician Business Solutions, we create a seamless integration with the unique dynamics of your practice. No matter the intricacies, we possess the expertise to proficiently manage them all.

Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) medical billing proves intricate and time-intensive, demanding extensive expertise in coding and billing processes to optimize reimbursements. At InstantServe Healthcare, our comprehensive FQHC billing services ensure an average 30% increase in revenue for clients within six months or less.

Our expansive team of certified coders and billing specialists delivers precise and professional-level coding assistance, fostering seamless and lucrative medical billing processes. With two decades of experience, our team excels in appealing and resolving patient claim denials, aiding clients in recovering lost revenues and maximizing collections. Outsource your FQHC billing to us to streamline the process, reduce stress, increase revenues faster, and free your workforce from billing hassles.