Engagement Framework

InstantServe provides adaptable engagement frameworks that can be tailored to align with your business requirements. Enterprises grapple with challenges related to team dynamics, business priorities, and budget constraints. To ensure the success of project delivery, a customized engagement strategy is essential, addressing diverse dimensions. Choose from the following engagement models or opt for a customized hybrid approach:

  1. Project-Based
    • Description: Engage in project-based testing with predefined deliverables or allocated resources to facilitate the achievement of project milestones with a focus on high quality.
    • Applicability: Immediate fulfillment of project testing requirements.
    • Benefits: Certainty in meeting project milestones with a commitment to high product quality.
    • Client Governance Management: Low to Medium
    • Pricing Models: Fixed Cost or T&M based on scope and project plan clarity.
  2. Managed Service Provider
    • Description: A partnership model entailing end-to-end testing services ownership, structured on firm service levels for the long term.
    • Applicability: Ideal for organizations seeking to concentrate on core business while entrusting testing responsibilities to a specialized service provider.
    • Benefits: Outcome-based services aligned with service levels, minimizing governance efforts and allowing focus on core business activities.
    • Client Governance Management: Low
    • Pricing Models: Fixed Cost and/or T&M.
  3. Staffing/T&M (Time and Material)
    • Description: Access highly skilled resources with diverse skill sets, available globally, including onsite (client’s location), offsite   or a hybrid model.
    • Applicability: Immediate resource needs for generic or niche skill sets, offering flexibility to augment the testing team or deliver a project, with rapid scalability options.
    • Benefits: High flexibility for quick ramp-up or ramp-down, with usage-based billing.
    • Client Governance Management: Medium to High
    • Pricing Models: T&M.

Choose the engagement model that best aligns with your unique requirements or collaborate with us to design a hybrid approach tailored to your specific needs.